07 Apr

We hope everyone is settling well into the year. Can you believe it's nearly time for holidays again?



TERM DATES First term will continue up to the 11th of April. We will then break for the holidays and resume for term two on Monday 28th of April (NB. some schools resume later in this week). Classes will NOT be held on Queens Birthday Monday 9th June (June long weekend). Term two ends 27th June 2014.



CONCERT DATES: Our Annual Concert will be held at the gorgeous Civic Theatre, Newcastle again this year on Sunday Afternoon the 30th November 2014. Theatre rehearsal will be held on Friday afternoon/evening the 21st November 2014.



BRITISH BALLET ORGANISATION EXAMINATIONS: Primary to Grade Three level exams for eligible students will be held on the 27th of June '14. Grade Four and above levels will have exams on the 22nd & 23rd August this year. Entries for students are now available for 'BBO dance days' in Sydney during the July school holidays, this is an annual seminar that I attend each year.



STUDENTS BEING DROPPED OFF prior to their class commencement times without parental supervision is not acceptable. Staff and students participating in scheduled lessons are often unfairly distracted by their conduct (or that of unsupervised siblings), and vandalism or accidents may occur. We realise it is often difficult to 'juggle' commitments and ask that parents inform staff if it is a possibility they will arrive late, so we can be aware students need to remain within the studio for further supervision. Students are NOT to 'wait outside' for collection, this is most unsafe. Please discuss the importance of these issues with your child. ALL FAMILIES must have a proxy key to minimise disruption.



HEIDI'S SCHOOL OF DANCE WEAR is available for purchase through staff. These t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and fleece jackets are great to throw over leotards for arrival (with some pants of course)... Please ensure your child always covers their dance uniform on arrival and departure.

24 Mar



– Hair pins (These are "U" shaped with plastic tips. You can find them in the supermarket or chemist)

– Bobby pins (Lengths shut tightly against each other, for smaller amts of hair)

– Elastic band/Hair tie (tight for secure pony tail)

– Comb & brush

– Hair net (same color as hair. Available at a chemist or supermarket)

– Water sprayer or glass of water, gel, hairspray (mostly for performance buns)




1) To start the process, lightly spray your hands and the hair with water (or dampen with a comb dunked in water). This will give you better control over the hair. It is better NOT to have freshly washed hair for this. Gather the hair and pull it back. Apply a little hair gel to the hair. If your child has fringe of shorter lengths, leave them alone for now,they will be pinned to the side after the bun is complete.

2) Use a hair brush to smooth out rough or uneven areas. Form a pony tail by brushing the hair up from the jawline to the top part of the back of the head. This will form a high bun. The placement of the pony tail determines the placement of the bun. A ponytail just below the crown of the head is good.

3) Use an elastic hair band to secure the ponytail. A tidy pony tail with hair drawn snugly back is the key to making a good ballet bun.

4) Twist the pony tail around itself in length.

5) Coil the pony tail into a tight circle.

6) Use a few "U"-shaped hair pins all around the coil to secure it to the rest of the hair. Slide each pin through the outer part of the coil, then into the base of the bun.

7) Wrap hair net around the bun. Keep twisting and wrapping so that the hair net tightly secures the bun.

8) Use a more hairpins to secure the hairnet over the bun.

9) For extra hold, when the bun and hair are all secure, use hairspray. Use bobby pins to secure any "wispies" or stray hair. If your child has fringe etc, dampen them slightly, comb to one side and secure with bobby pins. Spray with hairspray for extra hold.


Follow same procedure as for Long Hair through step three.

4) Braid ponytail as far as possible, then secure end with another covered elastic. Fold end of braid under and press it flat against head. Secure in place with hairpins.

5) Use bobby pins to secure any "wispies" and spray hair with hairspray.'



28 Jan

Heidi's School of Dance students are offered a 20% discount on dancewear from Bloch Charlestown.

Saturday 1st March and Sunday 2nd March ONLY.

Mention that you are a student of the school when you shop in store to receive this exclusive discount.


23 Jan

Welcome to our new website!

Heidi's School of Dance is looking forward to welcoming all new and returning students to the studio from Monday 10th February. Please contact us for information regarding enrolment.